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11 days not active!

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Oh gawd! 11 days and I haven’t posted shizz. Been busy and watching about 12-15 new Seasons of animu. I’ll review them one by one each week and will start posting tonight on 4-5 episodes as I’ll re-watch them again for some synopsis.

I’ll be one hell of review so watch out!~


3rd Day!

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Nothing much! Just watched episode 2 of KONTO and was having a blast since Akimoto Sayaka was there. Too bad she just graduated from the group last month T-T but will be forever my oshi~

130802 AKB48 Konto - Nanimo Soko Made ep 02.mp4_thumbs_[2013.10.04_07.27.47]

Second day!

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I decided to post through the days when my first post started. So today will be the second day! Hooray!

Nothing much, working on my nightshift and listening to AKB music :3 Also, I’ve been downloading this new show that replaced or should we say “Renamed” BIMYO named “KONTO nanaimo soko made”.

As usual, it’s pretty funny to see members doing comedy skits. I’ve already download episodes 1-2 with english subs and unsubbed 8-9.

Here’s episode 1 with Mariko-sama’s special:130726 AKB48 Konto - Nanimo Soko Made ep 01.mp4_thumbs_[2013.10.02_22.22.54]

After 6 years!

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After 6 years!

Well, I decided to relive this blog since I’ve got nothing to do and lots to post!

First this is that I’ve been really interested in AKB48 lately *cough cough Rena Matsui Oshi~ ❤ <3*

Also, I’ll be posting everyday doings and shiznits; just to relive my old posting/foruming days.

First thing’s first; Just finished watching Sasshi’s Yubi Matsuri and here’s a pic of Watarirouka Hashiritai 7

Gundam 00 S2 Episode 23

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Yeah, I forgot to post last week due to my work =/

Anyways, this week is pretty intense, Billy must die! And I hope Patrick lives 😦

  • Large scale battle episode
  • Regene Regetta gets shot by Ali
  • Ali vs Lyle
  • Billy teams up with Ribbons
  • Lasse gets to pilot the 0 Gundam
  • Patrick dies (hopefully he’ll return)
  • Billy shots sumeragi

Here are the screenines:

Thanks to Omni from the pics I got from his Site

Gundam 00 S2 Episode 21

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With so many things happening last week, we see some improvement this week.

  • Nena, Wang and her Brother are now dead(or supposed to be dead), and Louise gone crazy as she killed Nena
  • Marina’s song yet again, amaze Klause and might be the tool to save the world.
  • Graham and Setsuna clash again, but end up naked with Setsuna showing off his supposedly “Innovator Eyes”

Previews show Hercules alive again, and we can see Cathy with some people.

Thanks to Omni for the pics from his site.

Gundam 00 S2 Episode 20

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With a week waiting, EP.20 finally came out. And believe me this episode sure is a shocker.

  • This week again we see Anew going to the Innovator side 😦 Why Anew WHYYY!?!?!
  • 00 was almost stolen, instead it was 0-raiser
  • Anew gets to pilot another Gadessa
  • Louise have the modified Empress with reflecting beams
  • 0-raiser gets damage in the cockpit area
  • Lockon and Anew gets a little duel

There are more other stuff but I think these pictures will explain a bit, oh and Anew dying =/

Many thanks to Omni on the pics on Random Curiosity.